The Best Museums and Galleries in San Francisco

San Francisco is full of educational and historical museums and galleries. The information provided in the museums will help you discover San Francisco as well as art, culture and history. Interactive exhibits will entertain adults and children alike. Below we have highlighted some of the more popular museums in the San Francisco area. We hope you will find a few to visit while you are here. If you search around online to make your hotel and car rental reservations then you can often find some great discounts. If you’re outside the US it’s worth using a VPN or something to give you a US IP address as you’ll get better deals. There’s quite a lot of choice but you can actually use the one I subscribe to to watch British TV in the USA.


  • Bay Area Discovery Museum – Hands-on interactive exhibits for children. Ongoing classes, performances and special programs. 557 East Fort Baker, Sausalito (415) 487-4398
  • Cable Car Barn & Museum – Learn the history of San Francisco’s cable cars and see the underground cables that pull the cars along the tracks. 1201 Mason/Washington (415) 474-1887
  • Coyote Point Museum – Colorful environmental exhibits, computer games, an aquarium and wildlife habitats of the Bay Area. San Mateo (415) 342-7755
  • Exploratorium – An interactive science museum housed in the Palace of Fine Arts. Reservations are required for the Tactile Dome. 3601 Lyon/Marina Blvd. (415) 561-0360
  • Lawrence Hall of Science – This children’s user-friendly museum features interactive experimentation in geology, animal behavior and plant life. UC Berkeley (510) 642-5134
  • Randall Museum – Designed just for children, this museum offers ongoing classes in art, science, computers and a petting zoo. Museum Way/Roosevelt (E, 11) (415) 554-9600
  • Maritime Museum – History of West Coast steam navigation. View figureheads, ship models, art and photos. Polk/Beach (415) 556-3002
  • Mexican Museum – This museum is devoted to the fine art, folk art, culture and history of Mexican and Mexican-American/Chicano people. Fort Mason, Bldg. D (415) 441-0404
  • Museum of the City of San Francisco – Explore the City’s history through photographs, maps, paintings, antiques, artifacts. The Cannery, 2801 Leavenworth/Beach (415) 928-0289


  • Thomas Kinkade Gallery – The authentic source for current releases and vintage originals from the Painter of Light (TM). 781 Beach/Hyde (415) 440-0270
  • Lahaina Galleries – Featuring sculptures, paintings and prints by John Cosby, Adolf Sehring, Jan Parker, Gary Swanson, Kudo, Andrea Smith and more. 645 Beach/Hyde (415) 749-1000
  • Wyland Gallery – One of the world�s premier environmental marine life artists. Original oils, sculpture and watercolors, gifts from the sea. PIER 39 (415) 398-1922

For more information on changing, switching and hiding your IP address then check out this useful link where you’ll find loads of proxy related information.

Getting those Golden Sneakers

Ok so I’m a web guy, I make my living online doing all sorts of stuff including web design.  However I’m always looking for different opportunities to diversify my income.  If you spend much time looking for ways to make money over the internet, you’ll find loads of people willing to sell you blueprints and their special schemes.   In the most part when I have parted with some money, these things have been overpriced rubbish so I’d suggest you be wary if you find something like this.

Sometimes though you see people making real money, without trying to sell it to you and it’s often extremely intriguing.    Take for example a young man who I was talking to in a bar downtown last week, whom I discovered made his entire income selling one specific type of item online – sneakers.  It sounds unusual,  but apparently it’s a huge competitive market that exists pretty much entirely online.   The primary goal of this chap was to get as many pairs of the limited release sneakers from the big names and then sell them on for a profit.

Sounds simple, but it’s not as these sneakers are extremely difficult to get.  Pretty much like the tickets for a big concert it’s a matter of speed and luck trying to buy off the online sites when they are released.    But this young man didn’t rely on luck he used something called sneaker bots to automate the purchase attempt.    These are software programs which can automatically try and buy pairs of these sneakers from all different retailers when they’re released.

It sounds simple but there are complications mainly that in order to use this software you have to ‘hide’ the concurrent connections.  There is only one method to do this and that’s to use proxies.    Now I’ve used a lot of proxies in my time for a variety of reasons.  The last one  was when I spent a few weeks staying in  Paris, and of course I needed to watch UK TV online in France, well I needed some entertainment in English.

Many individuals devote literally thousands of dollars a month on using proxies, a reality which shocks many. If you do a quick google search you’ll find lots of lists of free proxies all over the place. Many are certainly listed as being super secure and elite, therefore why on earth do people shell out lots of money on them.

Well to start with, it is necessary to keep in mind in which any person who has the vaguest clue about online privacy, anonymity and the risks of cyber crime would certainly never go anyplace near a free proxy server. At best there poorly set up proxies accidentally left exposed by some overworked on-line admin someplace, which means that you are actually most likely stealing bandwidth if you make use of them. At worst, and it’s an increasingly likely situation the proxy has certainly been left open deliberately in order to rip off user credentials like emails, accounts and passwords. It’s not much of an option really, so you ‘d be encouraged to stay well away from them.

There is a big market for safe and genuine proxies for a range of uses and one of the most popular is actually buying sneakers from online web retailers. You see all the big retailers of sneakers (trainers in parts of Europe) release limited edition versions of their sneakers which are very much in demand. You can try and buy them online but it’s very difficult to do and you ‘d have to be very quick and luck to even grab as single pair.

Certainly since they’re rare and valuable then some people want to obtain lots of these– there’s an obvious profit opportunity there even if you usually do not prefer to wear them. So just how do individuals have the ability to acquire lots of these sneakers online from palces like Supreme, Footlocker and Nike well these guys pretty much use software applications.

There are lots of automated tools and robots which you can tweak to attempt to purchase these sneakers the moment they become available. Assuming that you get the right set up you can buy bunches of these for whatever purpose you prefer. The software simulates a human customer but with infinite patience repeatedly trying to buy the specified sneakers up until they achieve success. Lots of individuals buy up loads of these and certainly run successful businesses simply selling these shoes at inflated prices.

TO maximise their opportunities they install the software programs on high availability web servers with considerable amounts of bandwidth. These could be programmed remotely to leap into activity as soon as a new release becomes available.

The issue is that unquestionably the sellers really don’t like this and try and block access to all automated attempts to purchase the sneakers. They search for things like numerous connections from the exact same IP addresses and ban these immediately. Which implies even in the event that you have your very own server if it attempts to often to purchase the sneakers then it will get banned and the server and software program will be simply unusable.

The remedy is to add another layer of safeguards by making use of sneaker proxies to conceal your location and allow the software or Bot to revolve it’s identity in order to keep operating. It’s not actually tough to do but the vital requirement is that these are sneaker proxies with a specific configuration.

The first important component which you’ll certainly never get with free proxies is actually to ensure it has lots of residential IP addresses. These are generally rather hard to obtain due to the fact that these addresses are only typically handed out by ISPs to home users. The majority of online retailers understand that people attempt to hide their locations and often block all non-residential IP addresses automatically. Regular commercial VPN and proxies will possess commercial IP addresses so won’t work in this situation.

This is what makes sneaker proxies so unique, they should definitely have residential IP addresses that makes them pretty much undetectable from normal home users. It’s also what makes them so expensive as obtaining, supporting and running these sorts of residential proxies is pretty costly.

There are a handful of companies around who have actually managed to secure and specialize in residential IP proxies but there certainly aren’t many.

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Is Selcincro an Option to Abstinence to Alcohol

The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson wrote his famous book over 70 years ago describing his utter powerlessness when it cam to alcohol.  His confession about hitting rock bottom and changing his life have of course helped millions over the years gain freedom from alcohol by abstention.

Now ever since that time, the vast majority of experts and medical advisers have always followed this route when dealing with people with alcohol problems.  Anyone with any sort of issue with alcohol is advised to completely give up and never touch a drop again.   It’s the de-facto advice you’ll get from virtually everyone in the medical profession but the sad thing is that often  it simply doesn’t work.

It is of course a binary solution, you either fail or succeed, there’s no middle ground, no room for improvement or partial measures.  For every person who comes through the famous seven steps and leads a life of sobriety there’s probably many more who just give up completely.

However now addition specialists are beginning to think that this approach may not be correct.   In the US and Los Angeles imparticularly  many addition experts and physicians are suggesting that another route is not only just popular but perhaps more suitable for dealing with alcohol problems.

The way we treat and handle alcoholism is being changed by a variety of developments but one centers around a process called the Sinclair Method which aims to help drinkers drastically reduce rather than abstain from alcohol.  The method works in tandem with a drug called Selincro which you can read about here.

The drug is taken by an individual at least an hour before any drink and the idea is that it reduces the pleasure that each drink provides.   It contains the active ingredient Nalmefene which is designed to reduce the endorphins which are released when people drink.  The idea is that the brain begins to dis-associate the pleasure/reward with continued drinking.  The results and trials have been impressive, the average success rate is somewhere above 80% and the average reduction is about 62% in the fall in alcohol consumption.

The impressive thing is that it changes the focus from a titanic all or nothing battle with alcohol which unfortunately many people lose into one were you can gradually reduce their alcohol consumption.

The drawbacks are that although you can continue to drink using Selincro, you must take a single tablet before you drink in any 12 hour period.  That rule is for ever and without exception which obviously can be expensive unless you can get the drug on some sort of prescription.

John Collins

Los Angeles Launches World Cup Bid

Well it could be true, and for soccer fans it’s pretty exciting – the World Cup might be coming to Los Angeles.   Compared to much of North America we soccer fans do pretty well, but shortly we might have a chance to watch the best players in the world in our own stadiums.

Of course, we do get to see these players but usually when they’re semi-retired and looking for that last big pay cheque.  Or we have to watch on TV, I personally have invested in a VPN such as this to watch Match of the Day online, the Premiership soccer show broadcast by the BBC.

The latest development in LA’s bid to become a host for 2026 moved ahead last Tuesday following the city council decision to permit a private group to try and secure the international sporting event on behalf of many Southern California cities.   The hope is that LA World Cup 2026 will become a reality and many factions are behind this bid.   The Host Committee has set up a  Limited liability company to support the bid and the group comprises the LA Football Club.  They combined will bid on behalf of Inglewood, Pasadena and LA, a movement that eases the financial responsibility the setting of events, according to town officials.

There is an expectation that this is going to be a rousing success, called City Councilman Paul Koretz, who voted to back the bid. I do not see the threat from any other of the bidding organisations at all.

Previously this month, the L.A. City Council balked at the contract put ahead from the United Bid Committee, the 3 country group is cooperatively seeking to host the World Cup in North America. That proposal would have required the town of L.A. To pay for services such as police, even when games were stored in Pasadena. Los Angeles, that is among 25 U.S. Cities which may be host sites for the World Cup, it is likely to become the main contender for the championship game. Last software to host the World Cup are expected in March, and FIFA, the regulating body of international football, will select the winner in June.

Whether this happens or not we will have to wait and see.  From coverage in other nations press and media it seems that the LA bid is being taken seriously, it was recently covered by the British media which I access and stream UK TV abroad using the VPN mentioned above.

The football federations of the U.S., Mexico and Canada combined forces to present a combined bid. Morocco, that has submitted its bid, is the only contest. Separately, the council agreed Tuesday to approve a contract between LA Airports of the world and the U.S. Soccer Federation linked to the marketing of games and enticing visitors to the airport. The contract was accepted despite concerns from some lawmakers within a lack of legal protection for the city and the airport.

Torrents or Not – the Risks

I’m a pretty law abiding sort of guy, but I do find my behaviour becomes a little bit more flexible when I’m online. I’m not talking about overt criminality or anything like that, more taking use of available resources that perhaps I shouldn’t. My temptation is normally due to two distinct factors –

  • Love TV Shows and Movies
  • I’m lucky enough to travel a lot

How should these two factors combine is basically this – I am always waiting for the latest series of a variety of TV shows – Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and a myriad of others. Unfortunately when you’re travelling you can miss out on these releases as they’re often scheduled at different times. A show might be released on one date in the US and then a few weeks later in Europe, so if I’m travelling all my friends have seen in way before me – and yes they usually can’t resist commenting.

Streaming UK TV

You’d think that it wouldn’t matter because of the Internet but no, I am an avid HBO subscriber but am completely unable to access my subscription when outside the USA. It’s kind of stupid really that the online facility is blocked from me at the one time I actually wish to use it.

Now I can mess around with IP changers and stuff like that, but am always frustrated that I just can’t watch it quickly without problems which is why I am tempted by torrents. This is a way of sharing files between a shared community. Basically someone uploads a file and shares it on their computer then as people download they become part of the swarm and share it too. The result is that you can download movies and music very quickly indeed by using these ‘torrents’.

The problem is that you’re still breaking copyright and even if you have a legitimate right to access in one country doesn’t mean you have in another. It’s a crazy situation but unfortunately so it’s due to us having a licensing situation which kind of ignores the digital world we live in. Worst still when you download a file like this, it’s extremely simple to track down who downloaded it. It’s worth reading this article on anonymous torrenting for some background on the technicalities.

Basically you’re wide open to DCMA litigation, people get caught and fined all the time. In reality if you use a third party access point i.e. one that is not registered to your home address you should be alright. This is because although your IP address is recorded it won’t be associated with you directly if you are downloading from a coffee shop or hotel.

So when travelling it should be safer, although this doesn’t help with the very real problems of sharing your hard disk out to a bunch of strangers. All in all I don’t think torrents are worth the effort but I wish the media companies would sort out their licensing so people who travel aren’t penalized like this.

Using Social Bookmarking for Traffic Generation

It is of course, the ultimate problem for the webmaster, traffic is everything and without it your website serves no real purpose.  There are ways to bring your website to peoples attention, but it won’t happen without work and leveraging other sources.  One of the most accessible ways to bring traffic to your site is to use the social networks that millions use everyday.

Netflix Blocks VPNs

Social bookmarking has spread far and wide across the Internet these days and has become one of the growing trends. Thanks to Web 2.0, the Internet has completely evolved. The sheer amount of information and how it is exchanged on the web is completely different than it was just 6 years ago. A big part of this is social bookmarking; knowing why this is can help benefit your business, social bookmarking played a big part in changing how information spreads online.

But how does social bookmarking correlate to Internet marketing?

How will this benefit your business and help you move to the next level?

The real truth revolves around the fact that these websites have become trusted sites which update their content literally each minute. Because the search engines adore updated and helpful information, they award good ranking to social bookmarking sites. The fact they rank so highly is reason enough to see the potential contained in these sites. Enabling you to expand your visitor base via word of mouth advertising, their links to your site when correctly put up are able to spread virally to alternate sites. In this article we will be looking into the many benefits of social bookmarking and how it can prove helpful to you.

You can easily command a niche market with social bookmarking. This develops you into a brand, as you keep up a constant theme, true to your content, and share it with the social bookmarking websites. It attaches your name to a particular niche, and people start seeing you as an expert, which in turn makes your marketing efforts easier. Aside from this fact, you will have more credibility as you put up more and more information on the identical theme to the social networking sites. But you need to keep in mind that the information you bookmark has to be of quality and beneficial to the people reading. If you don’t have worthwhile content, your plan will fail and your brand will be corrupted.

Something a lot of Internet marketers take advantage of is the high level backlinks created when you use social bookmarking sites. The personal pages or the profile pages that you create on these social bookmarking sites can grow popular and get a page rank of 3 or 4 easily. This high rank means search engines will look at your site regularly and will index your new content while seeing where your links lead. Of course, the links would then lead to your site. Backlinks from high page ranks can cost lots of money; using social bookmarking sites gives you them for free. All that is required of you is to do it correctly, and then you will be waiting for a good ranking of your websites.

All in all, if you’re looking out to expand your online business and take it to the next level, then you need to start using social bookmarking. This does not mean you should focus completely on social bookmarking; there are plenty of other methods you should consider alongside using this one. Using other techniques alongside taking advantage of social bookmarking is a recipe for success.

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Making the Most of Google Local Search

When you have the good fortune to be acquainted with fellow online marketers, you have an advantage. The rationale behind this is the fact that you will become educated and will be taught from those who are skilled in this area. Or simply take the time and check out other sources for data regarding this issue. If this is your first time, you may find it to be a very satisfying endeavor. So here are just a few important thoughts and different approaches to using keywords, and see if you like them.

Once you have gotten listed in Google Places, you’ll want to be aggressive in marketing your site so that you can get as much exposure as possible (and links of course). You want to get as many citations and mentions as humanly possible. This is how Google sees “social proof.” of your popularity. You could try to think of this as a kind of direct backlink for SEO value because it really does affect your Google Places rankings.

Proxy for Netflix Blocked

So what you really want is to be as active as possible and figure out how to get your site cited as much as it can. You can do this with directories and other methods such as having people review your site. Directories, though, are incredibly common which makes them the easier method to work with. If you are the sole producer of your content, you will need to show a little more ingenuity and attention to your phrases and where your keywords are placed. You should jazz your content up a little and try not to make it sound sterile or cold. So you can use your keywords in a flowing way that will keep them from being used in the same spots. Veteran writers frequently use a type of format that seems to work well for them; like weaving in the keywords where they will have the best impact on the reader. You may wish to be bold and think outside the box; just remember that the tried and true ways should definitely get some consideration.

There are still a lot of marketers who work with sites other than blogs, and internal linking improvements are good for them, too. Internal linking works well no matter what you have going on with your site, so read and heed the advice. Related content links in your main content, at the bottom of it or at the bottom of the overall page are great. Just be sure your anchor text is proper and that you do not load up too much outside the content area. This method is simple and adds to the power of your site and how user friendly it is.

The keywords you want to target, at the end of the day, are t he keywords that are most likely to result in the sell you’re trying to make. So one big hint to you is to find additional information on this and it is out there. Take a little time to learn as much as possible about picking the right keywords and see how quickly your results improve.

Further Information:

John Smithson,  Breber Publishing, Netflix Block VPN, July 2015

What you need from a Web Designer

Accordingly, before choosing any web designer accessible in the market you have to have some idea about the internet design that you’re looking for. By picking a business website builder on an expert web designer you are going to be able enough to make changes to your own website whenever you would like to. Therefore, in regard to SEO web design procedure, content is among the prime requirements and tools of making the website rank high during searches. Should you be marketing a certain item or information, search engine marketing experts can concentrate on this particular item or information and build the search engine optimization web design around it.


Web design is an intensely significant element of a website. Having the ability to use Web creation software including Dreamweaver doesn’t earn a Web designer. Primarily, if you don’t enjoy a Web designer’s website, you almost certainly won’t want them all to design your website. If you like to have a whole custom design, hence you might wish to spend a bit a lot more to get qualified web designers.

An internet design composes the face of the company online online. Somebody who will charge increased cost for the internet page arrangement of company will use latest tools and certainly will implement interesting graphics. In case you are searching for a sensible cost for the internet design then there are a number of factors which you can consider to be able to lower the cost of the site arrangement of company. The fundamental elements and principles involved with web design are true for the rest of the kinds of design.   Look for ideas on the leading websites in your field, video sites should look to places like Netflix who have spent millions on development – to access you’ll need an account and depending on your location sometimes this – best VPN for Netflix.

This informative article deals talks about ways to get the most excellent results from the internet design company. The aforementioned points surely would let you locate a very good web design company. During the plan of development of your site, you must even guarantee that the web design organization is following the given timeline to be able to have the capacity to supply you with the end product at the desired time, with no delay. You also ought to assess the extra services which are proffered by your preferred Web Design Company, within the sphere of copy writing, marketing, along with extra services.

One of many mistakes your web design provider may warn you not to make will be to have everything within the design stick out. Someone who is asking you additional money has more experience and certainly will pay a lot more attention to the web arrangement of company. Your Web site should do more than reach your company look good.   It has to focus on your business objectives for being online, if you’re  a media company then the ability to stream and display video is essential.  Your website could focus on this, for example a sports company could demonstrate their abilities with a live wimbledon streaming media cast.

Using Kompozer with complimentary web templates is really a powerful, overly easy way to receive your website designed and uploaded in a very short timeframe. The price of the internet design is reflected by the individual doing it. Web designing isn’t as simple as it may look in the very first spot.

Only professional along with the experts in the area of internet design providers are capable of designing this kind of efficient website for your personal business. In the very first instance, you must carefully analyze your company requirements so you can go for an apt Web Design company. There are particular matters that you should consider, if you would like to go for an apt Web Design Company, which will fulfill your organization requirements. As a way to overcome such challenges, it is vital to enlist the assistance of an expert web designer. Consequently, selection of a really good web designing company has grown into a tricky task.

Los Angeles – Welcome to my Home Town

Los Angeles is among the most exciting cities in the USA. Los Angeles is undoubtedly a perfect venue for travelers. Truly, there are various things they can expect from Los Angeles vacations. This is because the majority of popular international movies are created in Hollywood, among the cities in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is among the famous and among the populated city on earth. Los Angeles isn’t an unusual spot to tour around. Needless to say, Los Angeles tours are not only about spotting stars within the street. Crime is a problem in Los Angeles, but I’ve never felt threatened there.


When you have come all of the way to Los Angeles, it’s necessary for you to visit this type of marvelous location. Los Angeles provides a rich mixture of culture and history, the majority of which are appreciated by men and women from all around the planet. You may choose from a broad selection of accommodations accessible the Los Angeles region.

Los Angeles shopping can be a serious business. Los Angeles is indeed a massive city, therefore it would be wise to rent an automobile, preferably a convertible, as a way to feel like being part of the city. A ticket is still among the most sought-after items within the city. For those sports enthusiasts within the family, there are lots if stadiums and arenas to go to while in Los Angeles.

The traffic here, on occasion, can become a nightmare, however it isn’t too different from driving in virtually any major city. You should avert a huge commute, especially a huge freeway commute, that’ll enhance your Los Angeles quality of life. If you reside in LA you can check all of them out but if you really do not live in LA, you probably don’t have that much time. On a mammoth road trip in this way, Portland may be a best halt first up.

California travel is quite popular and it’s also won’t difficult to observe why. California travel is really diverse that there’s something for everybody within this state. There are various large cities in California. Aside from the amazing cities, California travel also provides some fantastic attractions.

Tourists are bound to come across such monuments worthy of the visit. In case you have decide to go to the park, make sure to obey all park regulations. Once settled in your hotel, relax for a bit and you’ll wind up ready to analyze the abundant chances for amusement and excitement the city offers in almost no time. The city further has a superior zoo if you’re traveling with kids.   If you’re homesick then you can us an IP cloaker to access websites and resources from Europe like the BBC online.

In fact, There are miles of bike paths in and round the city. Among the most well-known activities is hitting the beach. One of many attractions is the well-known Muscle beach. Continue reading and learn about many of the beaches attractions.

There are several attractions that make L.A. a wonderful tour hot spot. One also ought to go to the railroad museum and take their fantastic train ride. The entire city is created across the casinos. The gadget tracks your location and gives various ready-to-go tours.

John Williams

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