Great Opportunities

For university leavers looking to gain work experience in IT and Webdesign there are many great opportunities to get a bit of work and maybe the opportunity for an internship with companies all over the world fro Bristol to LA. 

Gaining this experience will put you ahead of the pack when it comes to actually applying for jobs and is a great opportunity to get a reference from within the industry and show the potential that you have. 

In some cases you can work your way into a job or even travel the world with paid internships in different countries. This experience plus the relevent qualifications will stand you in good stead in an industry that is constantly changing.

Of course not all work experience will be ideal but being able to knuckle down and work hard will give you the backbone and character to pursue other options and deal withanything that comes your way. Not every experience that comes your way will be perfect but doing the best you can will enhance your reputation and expand your skill set and the more references that you get in your favour the beetr chance you will have of impressing prospective employers.