Female Gamers & Their Pockets

Here’s a fun game to play. If you’re sitting with your mom or grandma hand them your phone/tablet when you have a game open and see if they want to play. They might be a bit resiliant at first, but once you show them how to play something like Candy Crush the chances are you’re not going to be getting your phone back anytime soon.

This level of engagement with apps is something that advertisers and brands are starting to pick up on. In the past many games company never advertised well with a female audience. Now because of Facebook and the level of integration it has, women are now outplaying males. This is causing companies to look more in to how they can grab a new, albeit not quite tailor made audience. 

We found out all about the impact a simple app game can have on this blog and its amazing to think whats on the horizon. We could start seeing very small companies take the lead. It could be a local restaurant in town hiring someone to create a game from their menu. It could be a hair salon asking for some kind of hair design game. 

There are endless oppurtunities out there for the female audience. We for one are not going to let the oppurtunity slip us by.