Glutera Care


Glutera is one of the beauty and health products that are very popular now days in Indonesia. This product contains Glutathione that can help the body to fight against the free radical. This antioxidant is produced by the body itself; it is very powerful antioxidant and one of the keys to fight off diseases that we fear the most.  Glutera is the save food supplement that is suitable for health and beauty care.

The main advantage of this product is that it can help our body to fight free radical. Free radicals are highly reactive chemicals that formed when the molecule is divided to provide unpaired electrons in the molecule (a process called oxidation). They can damage important cellular molecules such as DNA, lipids, or other part of the cell. They have been inferred as the primary cause of aging, cancer, heart disease and damage to the other program.

While consuming the glutera supplement, our body can get the more glutathione to take away the bad cell that has been contained by the free radical. For the more information about this supplement you can visit us at