The Image Of The E-cigarette Is So Important

I am a smoker myself and for anyone living in LA you will know how diffficult this can be! For that reason I recently made the switch over to electronic cigarettes and with the use of The Safe Cig coupon code I found it didn’t empty my wallet too much. What I have found since though when looking at the different brands is the difference in their visual appeal and design. I am talking about both the package branding and web presence.

There are massive differences between brands with some presenting their product in a clean and easy to understand was, they make their product offering stand out above all else. Some e-cig websites still have a cheap dated feel to them and this really needs to change. Electronic cigarettes are great but people looking to switch may not take the product seriously if the website looks like an out of the box $99 website package. Wise up e-cig brands and think about your websites, they represent your brand one 100%!