Los Angeles Launches World Cup Bid

Well it could be true, and for soccer fans it’s pretty exciting – the World Cup might be coming to Los Angeles.   Compared to much of North America we soccer fans do pretty well, but shortly we might have a chance to watch the best players in the world in our own stadiums.

Of course, we do get to see these players but usually when they’re semi-retired and looking for that last big pay cheque.  Or we have to watch on TV, I personally have invested in a VPN such as this to watch Match of the Day online, the Premiership soccer show broadcast by the BBC.

The latest development in LA’s bid to become a host for 2026 moved ahead last Tuesday following the city council decision to permit a private group to try and secure the international sporting event on behalf of many Southern California cities.   The hope is that LA World Cup 2026 will become a reality and many factions are behind this bid.   The Host Committee has set up a  Limited liability company to support the bid and the group comprises the LA Football Club.  They combined will bid on behalf of Inglewood, Pasadena and LA, a movement that eases the financial responsibility the setting of events, according to town officials.

There is an expectation that this is going to be a rousing success, called City Councilman Paul Koretz, who voted to back the bid. I do not see the threat from any other of the bidding organisations at all.

Previously this month, the L.A. City Council balked at the contract put ahead from the United Bid Committee, the 3 country group is cooperatively seeking to host the World Cup in North America. That proposal would have required the town of L.A. To pay for services such as police, even when games were stored in Pasadena. Los Angeles, that is among 25 U.S. Cities which may be host sites for the World Cup, it is likely to become the main contender for the championship game. Last software to host the World Cup are expected in March, and FIFA, the regulating body of international football, will select the winner in June.

Whether this happens or not we will have to wait and see.  From coverage in other nations press and media it seems that the LA bid is being taken seriously, it was recently covered by the British media which I access and stream UK TV abroad using the VPN mentioned above.

The football federations of the U.S., Mexico and Canada combined forces to present a combined bid. Morocco, that has submitted its bid, is the only contest. Separately, the council agreed Tuesday to approve a contract between LA Airports of the world and the U.S. Soccer Federation linked to the marketing of games and enticing visitors to the airport. The contract was accepted despite concerns from some lawmakers within a lack of legal protection for the city and the airport.

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