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Unfortunately although the opportunities for making your living entirely online have indeed increased, so has the competition as more people try to do the same.  It’s not entirely surprising, how many people commute for hours to a job they hate and slump back in front of a computer in the evening looking for salvation.  If you type something like make money online into any search engine you’ll have a myriad of web sites all explaining how simple it is and the benefits.

The standard line is to demonstrate the advantages of avoiding that commute, the photos of laptops by swimming pools and exotic places implying you can work from pretty much anywhere.  Of course that’s true to some extent and there are many people living interesting lives making their money from a laptop and an internet connection.  The dream is certainly achievable however it’s actually quite difficult at least until you’ve got some valid skills.

Having a technical background is good, although you don’t need to be a computer genius to make your living online it certainly helps to have some experience.  Uploading files by FTP, designing websites, updating WordPress themes are not difficult but they can take a lot of time to learn by trial and error – these trivial tasks can actually take an awful lot of time.  However the hardest skill to achieve is actually selling, because at some point to make money you normally have to sell something.

Which is why there are so many people in the ‘make money online’ sector – selling methods and solutions to this problem.  The reason is that people are desperate and will actively buy any solution which seems to offer a valid method.  You’ll find literally millions of get rich quick schemes on the internet, simply because it’s ironically one of the easiest ways to make money – sell a method to other people.  Rarely are these solutions completely bad – just incomplete and missing vital details to make them guaranteed.  The reality is that nobody would sell a guaranteed method of making money, because what would be the point.

That’s not to say there aren’t ways to use these methods, the majority of them have the core of a working solution.   However you don’t really need to pay for this information as most of them are available for free on numerous blogs or websites.    The main focus of most of these methods is creating a website to promote a specific niche, then placing affiliate links to related products which give a commission if the product or service is bought.

The variations of course are huge, you can have anything from a travel blog with links to a travel agent or holiday companies to a sports website which links to a betting or sports book company.   Pretty much anything you can buy online usually has some sort of affiliate scheme offering a payment in exchange for sales.  This is normally a percentage of the profit the retailer makes and can be a significant payment even hundreds of dollars in some cases.

Unfortunately the main problem is that it is entirely possible to put in hundreds of hours of effort and lots of money without making a single penny which is what happens to lots of people before they give up in despair.  In reality probably only one in a hundred will move from starting out to providing themselves with a regular income online sufficient to support themselves.   There are some great products out there, like this fantastic VPNs or Smart DNS review yet so often people are attracted to things that appear to offer bigger rewards.   The problem is that usually the bigger reward the more hopeless the product so it’s much harder to sell in the first place.

My advice is if you do try and create an online business, do it slowly whilst staying in your day job.  It’s much easier to learn properly without the pressure of having to pay your rent, even the people who succeed online rarely do it straight away.   Go for decent products that people will want to buy, they may pay less commission but will be much easier to sell and recommend.  It’s worth looking for recurring and subscription based products too which provide ongoing income instead of just a one of payment.

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