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I’m always looking for new products to promote, my key question is would I buy it myself?  It sounds simple but I have always found that I have way more success with sales if I actually believe in what I’m selling.  After all it’s difficult to be enthusiastic about products you think are a load of rubbish and there are a lot of these linked to internet marketing niche.

Noble Samurai are a long established marketing company with an impressive array of products.  In fact they make one of my favorite research tools Market Samurai – a program I bought about 8 years ago and I still use to this day.  It’s a keyword and SEO research tool and it’s developed into a fine product – you can check it out here.   However I don’t actively promote this product anymore (although  that is an affiliate link!) mainly because it’s a one off purchase.

As I’ve explained one of my key objectives is finding great products which are subscription based.  This means that you receive commission every time someone renews which makes a sale much more valuable.  Although Market Samurai isn’t subscription based most of their new products are including the intriguing slideshow creator they’ve just released a free trial of Content Samurai which you can see here.

Now it is an expensive product, you have to pay for a $47 a month subscription so it will be too expensive for many. It does however have two distinct advantages – firstly it works well and secondly it has a money making purpose which can be exploited.  This is why it’s such a good product to promote, you won’t sell as many as the overly hyped $20 product which offers a 75% commission, yet every sale is potentially worth much more.

Content Samurai can be used to produce videos extremely quickly and uploaded to site like YouTube.  More importantly each video produced has the potential to create an income for the subscriber which makes it much more likely that the subscription is renewed each month and you receive your commission.

Products like these are hard to find especially in these marketing niches, many newcomers drift towards supposedly easy targets and try and make money from things like weight loss products and expensive marketing reports.

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