An Eco-Village in Los Angeles

Just wanted to share this video I’ve just watched on YouTube about an important subject. In the days of Trump and prominent climate change deniers it’s important to raise the profile of projects like these. Enjoy the video.

Los Angeles is one of the most polluted cities in the USA. Cars, money and fame are a big focus. But it’s not all about consumerism. There’s also the Los Angeles Eco-Village! The sustainable village is located three miles west of downtown L.A. Residents live more sustainably and intentionally with community right in the city! The eco-village has a lush courtyard garden where they grow their own food, community compost to reduce their waste and enrich their land, and a chicken coop made with reclaimed materials.

There’s also a tool library so residents can share tools, a bike room for bike parking and a bike shop for fixing bikes and a food buying club which is mostly unpackaged and waste free and far less expensive because they order in bulk. The multi-ethnic, mixed income, gender diverse community ranges from infancy to the elderly. Most residents reduce their carbon footprint by cycling and using public transportation.

Families that don’t have a car save $25 per month on rent! And rent is far more affordable than most of L.A. LAEV educates through tours, talks, workshops, conferences and public advocacy. Share this video if you think the word needs more Eco-Villages!

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