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I want to tell you what it’s like working as an entry level web designer. I graduated last year with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology majoring in Web Development. As expected of course, job hunting is not a problem for us. The advancement of modern day technology and its increase in use worldwide as time goes by is what really defines why web developers like me, don’t experience much difficulty in finding decent entry level jobs unlike other careers .

Well, just think about it! All companies today need their websites to assure the company’s advancement in terms of publicity and the sort. Not having a website for a big corporation is like not caring whether the people are notified of the corporation’s presence or not. Yes, big corporations… you guys need us THAT badly! As much as I love to promote my career, I would also like to notify those people who are planning on working as an entry level web designer that being a web developer is NOT an easy task.

Take it from me, it is really NOT easy – it can be difficult to keep working on that new Netflix VPN site, like the last dozen you did. Once you start working as an entry level web designer, you are to compete with all web designers for your career to grow. Companies tend to hire only those who they deem capable of creating the websites they need and they tend to be a bit over-cautious to the point that some talents are missed. Being a web designer is all about being surrounded by complex codes, creative imaginations and sensitive clients. While working as an entry level web designer, I had this client and he was asking me to create an e-commerce site for his business. And so I did what he told me to do, followed all the details of the website to be created and then the moment I was about to submit the project, he asked for major revisions which is really not that easy to implement (agree with me, developers?).

The bottom line is this. For those aspiring students who are currently pursuing – or is planning on working in an entry level job as a web designer, expect stress, expect headaches, expect sensitive clients and the sort. But be notified as well that even though those may sound a bit negative, the rewards of working as an entry level web designer in terms of salary increases and career advancement are good (based on the advancement of the majority of my upperclassmen). A good trade indeed! So ergo, I love my work!

John Williams

Author of Looking for a Good VPN