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As a place to live, LA has some huge advantages and if you’re a social person the bars are certainly one of these.  You might think that in a City where everyone is obsessed with their looks that there would be more juice bars than places to drink beer but that’s not quite the case.  In fact there are some wonderful bars all across the city with a lively night club scene to augment your evening if you want to party a little longer.

Of course this is still LA so you’re not going to get a mass of ‘drinking joints’ or ‘speakeazies’ where talking cocktails and mojitos in the main.  Even the hotels have some of the classiest bars in the city which is quite unusual from what I’m told.

There is a problem with having so many wonderful places to drink, it’s rather simple to develop alcohol problems like many people do.  However science is a wonderful thing and many people I know have found a way to both enjoy LA bars and get their drinking under control.     Instead of having to go totally abstinent, there’s a wonderful technique called The Sinclair Method.

This is a method for people to help get their drinking under control and it’s based around the use of a drug called Selincro.  This small tablet has been approved over most of the developed world but it’s not common knowledge, in clinical trials it worked for around 80% of people.  You can read about Selincro on this blog, where someone I know tried using it – they have got their drinking under control using it.

However instead of listing lots of the most famous bars, I’ll end this post with one of my favorites at the moment.  It’s a hotel lobby bar (I Know, I know!) but it’s worth visiting believe me.   It’s called Rudolph’s and is located on the bottom floor of the new Freehand Hotel.  You can find this in downtown LA and it’s a fantastic place to start your evening or indeed meet up with friends.   It’s decorated in a sort of 70’s style but that stylish retro feel to the place.  It’s certainly attracting the ‘in crowd’ and you’re likely to see some famous faces here if you visit a few times which I’m sure you will!