The Design of Club Escape in Amsterdam

Situated in Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam, Club Escape is a trendy and fast paced restaurant club with a dance hub theme. This restaurant is one of the biggest nighclubs in the area with an outstanding floor area that can accommodate up to 2000 people at one time. Club Escape features some of the most interesting restaurant grade cuisines that attract plenty of customers. It features high tech music equipment that blasts a mix of hip-hop music, R&B, and Techno.

Club Escape provides an amazing experience to its customers. The restaurant and club satisfies both the pleasure of enjoying good food with friends with its delectable dishes served and entertainment with its expansive dance floor and background music played by the famous spinners and DJs within the region. 

Club Escape is designed as a two-level establishment with one floor dedicated to partying and dancing while the second provides a good view of the party happening around. The second level also provides a good venue to serve and enjoy good restaurant food. There are also a number of function rooms for private parties, gatherings, and occasions.
A perfect place to have a great time with friends, enjoy good food, and music, Club Escape is not simply a restaurant, it’s a party place.

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