Art for Cash’s Sake

A thing of beauty or a cheap advertising gimmick?

Have to say I love it!  Sometimes it’s hard to actually appreciate a design when it’s deliberately commercial.  I mean obviously the intention is to sell more cans of Coke but does that make the design any more artistic.  Of course there are some who would say it did, but I’m not one of them.

You can take someone like Damien Hirst who transformed the way the art market works and has become one of the wealthiest artists of all time.  His works were certainly innovative but he also has a very shrewd business brain which is what many artists don’t possess.  Hirst is also not the first to have in fact employed factory style working practices to produce their art work in bulk.  Andy Warhol did something similar but not on the same scale and commercial success.  In fact Hirst has something like 140 employees producing his art.  It’s a long way from the image of struggling artist alone in his rundown apartment in Monmartre.

On that point there’s a new series coming up on the BBC which covers commercial and modern art and I’m sure Mr Hirst will get a mention or three.  You can catch it on the BBC Iplayer and if you’re outside the UK, this website – demonstrates how you can watch the BBC Iplayer anywhere.

It’s also being rebroadcast on French and Canadian TV, plus someone told me it’s on RTE Player too in Ireland, here’s how to access.