Changing My Appearance Changed My Life

Growing up i always has a problem with my appearance. All the way though school i was picked on and bully got the size of my nose.

It was never a medical problem and never cause me any problems but i was just not comfortable with the size compared to my face. It meant that myself confidence wasn’t the greatest and often put me off doing things that other teenagers would be doing like going out for parties or hanging in the mall with friends. This is something that i no regret doing and feel i may have missed out on something while growing up but it has made me the person i am today and i am happy with that.

Even though i’m happy as i am now when the opportunity arouse for me to have a nose job i decided after a long consultation that it was something that i still wanted to do and needed to do for my self confidence.

After looking at a number of different surgeries and meeting with them i final choose one that i felt was right for me and offer me the best treatment (click here). They were very professional and talked me though all i needed to know about the procedure.

They talked me though the whole procedure that they would need to do to correct the shape and i talked them though what i would ideally like my nose to look like. It was also explained all the after care that would be needed to help my full recovery and help with the perfect healing process.

The time had come for me to visit the clinic and get my surgery and have my life transformed, It was a procedure that is undertaken on a daily basis and so is fairly standard for surgeons. The procedure all went to play and i woke up afterwards with a brand new nose.

It was left pretty tender afterward and my face was pretty sore following the procedure bit i was so glad that i had went ahead and done it. I now have a new found confidence that is helping me though everyday life and helping with me confidence when meeting me clients and presenting to them designs.