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There are some great resources for art online.  Nowadays you can stroll around virtual galleries and view world famous pictures from the comfort of your arm chair. If you enjoy reading about art, then there’s many web sites like this to help provoke thought and point you towards the latest art news.  If you want something more discussion based there are many great forums where artists and people can meet – if you want want to try based in the UK then try this searching for the Artists Forum for some advice.

Many of  the non-profit making art websites and forums tend to look a little basic, but they’re often packed full of useful information and discussion about art.  The best organised ones are split into different subject areas, which makes them easier to navigate.  For example artist forum above has sections about digital and traditional media.  These are then split down into drawing, painting and other art methods, then split again into specifics such as the medium.  There’s some great tips on charcoal drawing in those forums for example.

But my favorite use of the internet is on a practical level.  After all you can look at an image of a famous painting or drawing on a monitor but it’s never going to replace seeing the work of art in person.  But for someone learning art what could be better – well how about this for an example.

For people learning art in colleges as students, of course practical demonstrations are readily available.  But for the rest of us with perhaps an interest in art and no mentor – videos like these from the Pain Basket TV are invaluable.  A huge series of art lessons recorded and uploaded onto Youtube for free – they’re wonderful.

There are many great art programmes on traditional TV but often these are inaccessible depending on where you live.  Some of the best are in the UK and US however if you live outside these areas it’s difficult to watch even online.  Sites like this can help you access some of the best art shows on UK TV –, however it does involve some small expense to watch it online.

There is no doubt that like many areas, the internet has brought artists together and enabled people to learn wherever they are.


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Food in Los Angeles is offered in a number of the lavish and luxurious restaurants together with some of the most frequently encountered street foods. It’s rather easy to discover Mexican food in L.A.. Today it is possible to discover French, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and a vast array of Vegan food inside this once neglected district. It is possible to taste the foods and drinks of distinct places when you’re in the city.

Maki sushi is therefore suitable and an excellent sushi alternative for vegetarians and for people who do not want to eat raw fish. It’s also advisable to be skilled enough to earn sushi. For example, you need to be careful not to pass sushi from your chopsticks to another individual’s, if you’re sharing it with friends and family members.

Here’s a quick selection on YouTube, although to enjoy some of the other promotional videos you’ll need a VPN or proxy like this to get passed the region blocks.

The restaurants here offer great food. For these two reasons, Los Angeles restaurants are somewhat more likely to provide meat-free or vegetarian entrees than restaurants found in different cities. You are able to literally have a different kind of cuisine each and every day of the week and delight in all them thoroughly when you reside in this wonderfully diverse portion of the nation. It’s just as important to select a restaurant that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. It’s the best method to find your favourite restaurants. American restaurants should make an effort to stick to the Japanese example. Don’t miss heading to The Varsity, that’s the biggest drive-in restaurant on the planet.

The restaurant recommendations bring together all of the restaurant information from 15 metros in the usa in one neat website. The reviews for a restaurant may be just too great to attempt it, but if you’re in San Francisco and the restaurant is in Palo Alto, you’ll just need to mark the restaurant for another moment. It might be useful to read a few reviews of the neighborhood restaurants so that it is possible to find one which fulfills your expectations.

What I also like about LA restaurants is that they are not afraid to provide entertainment along with your meal. Now I don’t mean the annoying little TV screens you get in mainstream chains which stream Netflix using a VPN and computer games. Rather the background of music, perhaps a piano player or maybe a violinist – the emphasis is on background and subtle.

A trip to Panama is incomplete without a visit to the incomparable Canal. If you’re planning a visit to a Latin American or Caribbean nation, trying out a number of the food in the local Los Angeles restaurants can show you exactly what you might expect on your holiday. Second, decide how far you’re willing travel and after that begin driving around these regions to find out what you find.

There are a great deal of entertainment options where you could enjoy late night shows, attend parties and have fun in some of the greatest discotheques of the city. The option of an Indian restaurant largely depends on with whom you’re dining. It hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s possible that the Smirnoff party event will occur in London. To begin with, make your fantasy list of places you want to bartend and apply to these places first. You’re in the proper place! Perhaps among the most overlooked places to see in Canada is Alberta. At the moment, it was one of the biggest park areas in the city.

As a place to live, LA has some huge advantages and if you’re a social person the bars are certainly one of these.  You might think that in a City where everyone is obsessed with their looks that there would be more juice bars than places to drink beer but that’s not quite the case.  In fact there are some wonderful bars all across the city with a lively night club scene to augment your evening if you want to party a little longer.

Of course this is still LA so you’re not going to get a mass of ‘drinking joints’ or ‘speakeazies’ where talking cocktails and mojitos in the main.  Even the hotels have some of the classiest bars in the city which is quite unusual from what I’m told.

There is a problem with having so many wonderful places to drink, it’s rather simple to develop alcohol problems like many people do.  However science is a wonderful thing and many people I know have found a way to both enjoy LA bars and get their drinking under control.     Instead of having to go totally abstinent, there’s a wonderful technique called The Sinclair Method.

This is a method for people to help get their drinking under control and it’s based around the use of a drug called Selincro.  This small tablet has been approved over most of the developed world but it’s not common knowledge, in clinical trials it worked for around 80% of people.  You can read about Selincro on this blog, where someone I know tried using it – they have got their drinking under control using it.

However instead of listing lots of the most famous bars, I’ll end this post with one of my favorites at the moment.  It’s a hotel lobby bar (I Know, I know!) but it’s worth visiting believe me.   It’s called Rudolph’s and is located on the bottom floor of the new Freehand Hotel.  You can find this in downtown LA and it’s a fantastic place to start your evening or indeed meet up with friends.   It’s decorated in a sort of 70’s style but that stylish retro feel to the place.  It’s certainly attracting the ‘in crowd’ and you’re likely to see some famous faces here if you visit a few times which I’m sure you will!