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Although most businesses and marketers have Twitter accounts, many don’t make the most of them. Marketing using Twitter can be difficult but in reality every one of those followers is at least as valuable as a subscriber on an email list. In fact I know of one business who sell Expat UK TV online where there Twitter followers form the core of their marketing strategy.

Twitter has been growing all of the time and it is becoming one of the Internet’s most effective marketing tools. Even though you aren’t really allowed to use Twitter for direct marketing, there are still quite a few ways to leverage its power. So, if you haven’t started using Twitter yet, it’s time to get started because, as an Internet Marketer, you will find plenty of opportunities for yourself there. Your main concern, when you are first starting to Tweet, though, will probably be “how can I grow more followers?” Given below are three effective tips to boost your followers on Twitter effectively…

Mine the database that you already have created to gain more followers by getting your customers and prospects to follow you before anyone else. And always ensure that you have a system in place where you convert your customers/prospects to followers. This is something you can set up in a few minutes and it will be a permanent part of your email templates. Not all of your social marketing efforts for attracting followers have to be at their main site.

Have you ever participated in those Twitter chats that are aimed at your niche? You should start if you haven’t yet done so because these chats are fabulous methods for gaining new followers for your Twitter account. Twitter chats are very basic and easy to join; it’s possible to Google to find a schedule of your niche-related chats. The basic idea here is to take part in these chats so that you can get to know other people within Twitter who have the same interests that you do. This isn’t just good for meeting people, it’s good for your follower count too. Make sure your account is current, it’s worth keeping an eye on the news in your targeted country for Tweet ideas – this is useful for streaming BBC News.

How you conduct yourself will have an effect on many things including new followers. What we are getting at here is just being yourself and letting your unique persona come out. Being unique in your personality and what you have to say can get you noticed. Original stuff spreads around more faster on Twitter, and it will gain you the respect from the Twitter community, plus it helps you add more followers on a consistent basis. All of the things you do to raise your Twitter follower numbers can help you out quite a lot. Once you begin to take action on the tips we’ve talked about here, you will be able to see exactly how effective they can honestly be. This isn’t just good for getting more Twitter followers, this is good for getting highly targeted followers. The more you focus on getting targeted Twitter followers, the better results you are going to get. Here is the truth: if you have a good amount of followers, you will get quite a lot more out of your Twitter marketing. So go ahead and start applying these tips right away to start growing your followers.

Marketing on the internet is changing and it’s vital that you keep up to date. One of the areas that web marketers often neglect is that of landing pages, the specific pages which are designed purely to achieve a sale or add a subscriber. Forget SEO these pages should speak directly to the reader and give them a clear call to action. There must be a reward or a consequence for them staying perhaps something like this page which offers a UK VPN free trial for example.

It seems the world of online business is forever changing, so it’s crucial for any business owner to keep up with those alterations. Business has always been a ruthless game of survival, and it’s a fact that you have to protect yourself from those who are not traditional competitors. Despite this, improving your knowledge about any upcoming changes gives you the best way to protect you and your business.

Then take action on what you learn as quickly as you possibly can. Don’t delay when you know something needs to be done, as it’s up to you to take those steps. Below are some tips to help you improve your landing page so it’s up to date.

If you will be using PPC on your site, then the home page should not be your final destination. This is one of the mistakes that people make. In fact, you should just about never have a reason to include your home page with advertising. Be certain that you send targeted traffic to your inner webpages. This is something that newbies tend to do, but you can turn it around.

Landing pages are not good because people do not have the patience for them. Also, you want to establish yourself on a positive note at the beginning. A lot of people do not like to read, which makes make the long page undesirable. If you have no images on that long page, then your page will make people nauseous. If you have several different topics you want to include on your landing page, then make smart use of tabs so the page length is much shorter and the copy looks less intimidating.

When you lead people directly to a landing page through your marketing, be sure they have something relevant to read when they get there. This should be a really obvious point, but so many business owners miss it. Perhaps most of the time there are small deviations in the relevance flow.   Targeting should also include some element of localisation, people react differently depending on their nationality – if you are outside  the country then change your IP address to match.  This service offers a US proxy buy to route your address through an American server.

You really want to be sure that people get to see exactly what they anticipated after reading your marketing material. What you state in your ads has to be what people get on your landing page. If you’re using PPC advertising, this will help keep your costs as low as possible.

It’s so important to develop landing pages for each of your online business ventures. It makes no difference what type of marketing strategy you use to attract visitors, it’s still vital you get this right. You’ll find that a good landing page is necessary regardless of what marketing strategy you adopt. Always view your landing page as being a crucial investment for your business’s future.

Not every site relies on organic traffic from the search engines, but nearly every successful one does. Sure you can drive traffic from all sorts of places now but there’s still little to beat the targeted traffic that comes from the likes of Google. Unfortunately if you make search engine optimization mistakes, your site can get banned, not just have your rankings hurt. Given below are a few SEO mistakes that you should be aware of.

Not having much written content on your site and using lots of images instead is a fairly common SEO mistake. You can certainly use images that improve the way your site looks, but keep in mind that they don’t help much from an SEO point of view.

Your main focus should be on giving both your readers and the search engines lots of good content, which is the best way to help your ranking. Do use images, but only where you think it is necessary. Images won’t help you with the search engines, and having too many of them will also make your site slower for visitors, something else you don’t want. Just have a look at your site through an English proxy server like this which can help assess the speed.

For any images you do include, remember to make use of their ALT tags by putting your main keywords in them. This is something that the search engines can read, unlike the image itself. The best way to deal with this is to try and replace most of the images with something that’s worthy to read and also has your keywords in it. Good content that you create (or outsource) is still what the search engines like best.

You also should be aware of the mistake of thinking only about outbound links and failing to make use of internal linking on your site. If you can use internal linking in a manner such as sites like Wikipedia employ, you will be using an effective on site SEO tactic. Having an effective internal linking system informs the search engines that your site is well designed for the benefit of your visitors, who can get where they want to go by simply clicking on these internal links. Simply place your chosen keywords in anchor text and create a link that points to another page on your site. When you do this, of course, it has to be done in a way that makes sense. Your goal is to put together a logical internal linking system that is easy for visitors to navigate and that the search engines will understand.

Building a large number of backlinks to your site in a short time is a serious mistake. At most you will get short term results by doing this, and it will end up backfiring on you. You are much better off acquiring your backlinks naturally, and not try to get thousands all at once. This is one of the main reasons why sites get banned. Creating a large number of links quickly is clear proof to the search engines that you are doing something unethical. It’s just not worth risking the possible harm to your ranking and general reputation.

As long as you remain ethical and stay alert to what you’re doing, you won’t make the kind of SEO mistakes we’ve been discussing. Not making such mistakes can go a long way in bringing you success at SEO.

James (Italia) Joyce