BBC Iplayer – One of Life’s Essentials

Whenever I’m in the United Kingdom there’s one thing I enjoy more than anything and that’s the TV there.  Watching a show for an hour without it being interrupted every ten minutes for endless adverts is simply bliss.  It’s not something you can do in many places and even fast forwarding recorded shows on a Tivo is not quite  the same.

But the BBC is complete bliss and not only are there no interruptions but the quality is generally superb too.  Of course the BBC has huge advantages in being centrally funded and not commercially driven however it’s certainly my favorite broadcaster bar none.  Nowadays the BBC has invested heavily in it’s online presence and was a pioneer in transmitting it’s content online using the Iplayer application.  You can watch pretty much all the shows online for a period of a few weeks or live whichever suits you best.

There is one drawback though – the BBC Iplayer application is not actually available outside the United Kingdom.  The web site checks the location of your computer by looking up your IP address – presumably to restrict the BBC shows to British license payers, although this seems rather mean.  Fortunately I found this useful post which shows you how to watch the BBC Iplayer abroad.  Apparently all you have to do is connect using a fake UK IP address and you’ll get access as normal.

I have tried this method out and it works fine, although make sure  you disconnect after or all your browsing will be routed through  the United Kingdom.  It’s kind of sad that we have to use these methods – the US media sites are no better, can you believe I can’t access Hulu on my laptop either when I’m out of the US.  The internet didn’t used to be like this and I for one miss the times when everything was accessible to everyone.


Winery Web Design

Selling web design services is one of the most difficult aspects to the industry isn’t it?  After all, how can you really differentiate yourself from all the other operators out there based only on past work?  At the end of the day, anyone wanting to do website design or even simply web graphics has to have a solid understanding of marketing and how to sell yourself and your business.

I couldn’t help but think of the online wine club that I’m a part of when I was writing this simply because they face many of the same challenges.  I guess that’s one of the really positive aspects to the web design business, you should be able to take parts of each business that you work with and blend them into your own project.  That’s both liberating as well as being really good for the long term health of your small web design business.