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Monthly Archives: October 2012

It’s a question that has often divided Art experts, can you consider a photograph to be a work of art.  It was at one of the very first meetings of the Photographic Society of London that one of the members stated that the works were too literal to be considered works of art.  Can a photograph elevate the imagination like a fine picture or sculpture is able to.

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Her’s an example of a photograph that is considered a work of art.  This piece by the photographer Andreas Gursky actually fetched over two million pounds.  Is it just recording a scene, how much imput does the photographer have to the artistic process and composition of the image.

It’s perhaps too easy to look at that image and just think they’ve pressed a button.  However obviously the image is composed and designed in the mind of the person who is at the other side of the lens.

Photographs like these are clearly more than a simple representation of a scene.  The main issue is probably simply because it can be recreated so easily.  If I was at the same place as where Andreas took this photo then I’m pretty sure I could come up with something comparable.  But  that’s really the rub, sure I could copy his photo – does that make mine worth £2 million – I suspect not.

There is art everywhere and perhaps the camera is just another medium for capturing it.  The picture is composed long before the shutter is released,.  If you visit the National Gallery exhibitions in London for example you’d see some stunning photos from over 200 years of photography, they have as much artistic merit as much else in the gallery.

If you search online you’ll also see how photographs play an important part in web design on some of the most stunning web sites.  There is nothing better to promote traffic growth and creating a buzz about your website than some photographs.  Learn how to adapt the images to help your website from this interesting post –


So I think it is pretty clear that I believe images and even video can be advantageous for any company wanting to sell, well anything anywhere.  Especially online though, a great image is worth at least a thousand words and a great video is probably worth something more than a thousand images, even if it is after all, only a collection of images anyway.

In any case, I was searching for a luxury gift bsket online the other day and was frankly really surprised to see that few companies provide truly memorable pictures and I couldn’t find a single company selling luxury gift baskets, which used video anywhere on their site.

For a company selling a product for a few hundred dollars-that’s weird right?

I am a smoker myself and for anyone living in LA you will know how diffficult this can be! For that reason I recently made the switch over to electronic cigarettes and with the use of The Safe Cig coupon code I found it didn’t empty my wallet too much. What I have found since though when looking at the different brands is the difference in their visual appeal and design. I am talking about both the package branding and web presence.

There are massive differences between brands with some presenting their product in a clean and easy to understand was, they make their product offering stand out above all else. Some e-cig websites still have a cheap dated feel to them and this really needs to change. Electronic cigarettes are great but people looking to switch may not take the product seriously if the website looks like an out of the box $99 website package. Wise up e-cig brands and think about your websites, they represent your brand one 100%!