Where Art and Maths Meet?

I have to admit this title is a little tenuous however for anyone who loves cars, it’s most definitely art.  Sure you won’t see it in an ordinary gallery but as an object to be desired it’s right up there.  I’m talking about the Bernar Venet Bugatti Veyron, which has taken a color scheme which sounds awful and produced a thing of utter beauty.

Well Here it is !

This particular Bugatti has been designed by the artist Bernar Venet who specialises in conceptual pieces. If you look closer it has the sort of maths class that http://matheduc.com/ would be proud of.  The paintwork is covered in the equations that lie behind some of the speed, power and aerodynamics of this beautiful machine. All over the car even on the door cards you’ll find more and more of the maths involved in this car.

Sadly  this is not even available to those with the £1.5 million price tag.  But if  you have that sort of money and a few days spare then get yourself down to the Art Basel show in Miami beach where you can at least be close to it!  I had a car in burnt orange once too, unfortunately my 1979 orange Talbot Sunbeam woudl probably look kind of inadequate next to this beast! 

Changing My Appearance Changed My Life

Growing up i always has a problem with my appearance. All the way though school i was picked on and bully got the size of my nose.

It was never a medical problem and never cause me any problems but i was just not comfortable with the size compared to my face. It meant that myself confidence wasn’t the greatest and often put me off doing things that other teenagers would be doing like going out for parties or hanging in the mall with friends. This is something that i no regret doing and feel i may have missed out on something while growing up but it has made me the person i am today and i am happy with that.

Even though i’m happy as i am now when the opportunity arouse for me to have a nose job i decided after a long consultation that it was something that i still wanted to do and needed to do for my self confidence.

After looking at a number of different surgeries and meeting with them i final choose one that i felt was right for me and offer me the best treatment (click here). They were very professional and talked me though all i needed to know about the procedure.

They talked me though the whole procedure that they would need to do to correct the shape and i talked them though what i would ideally like my nose to look like. It was also explained all the after care that would be needed to help my full recovery and help with the perfect healing process.

The time had come for me to visit the clinic and get my surgery and have my life transformed, It was a procedure that is undertaken on a daily basis and so is fairly standard for surgeons. The procedure all went to play and i woke up afterwards with a brand new nose.

It was left pretty tender afterward and my face was pretty sore following the procedure bit i was so glad that i had went ahead and done it. I now have a new found confidence that is helping me though everyday life and helping with me confidence when meeting me clients and presenting to them designs.



Why An Automatic Kitty Litter Box is a Great Investment

Cat is an adorable pet, some people like to own kitty as their friend or just for sweeten the house. Cat is known can reduce the stress, for those who has cat as their pet, they has smaller risk for having stress. Now think about the feasibility to take care of your pet. Cleaning the litter is the nasty part of your time during having the cat. Surely you don’t want to trap in the situation always annoyed because your cat causes your house dirty and uncomfortable with the smell of terrible litter. Can you imagine having the cat without need to clean out the litter? It will be nice if you can own an automatic cat litter box.

Owning an automatic kitty litter box is like investing a great investment. It is the marvelous innovation of technology. It is very ideal for cat lovers who do not have the luxury of having a lawn or backyard where their pets can do their “thing.” Those living in condominiums, hotels and skyscrapers benefit mostly, but those who would like to have less hassle in cleaning is welcome to own one.

Having a beloved pet can sometimes be a chore, as much as we do not want to admit it. It is the same for other members of our family. They can be a lot of hard work sometimes but it is always worth it in the end. Sometimes you can get so frustrated and spiraling into your doom when you have to waste your time to concern only stuck in with the litter. Having an automatic kitty litter box is easier your work, because you’re helped by its amazing works Self-Flushing, Self cleaning” litter box so you never touch cat litter again. Isn’t it really the great investment of your life for gaining the satisfaction and comfortable in taking care of your cat? So don’t miss it get it soon.

Beautiful Wine Bottles

Woodward Canyon Artist Series CabernetSo I recently joined one of the seemingly millions of online wine clubs and have been pretty surprised at the high quality of some of the art work coming on the wine I’ve been sent. One great example is the Woodward Canyon winery in the state of Washington, where they make a high end Cabernet and call it their Artist Series.  As you might expect, they select a local artist every year to be featured on the wine bottle.  I know I’ll check out this wine in the future, both because it was a darn good Cabernet, but also because it’s cool to see a winery really giving an artist a chance to gain a loyal following.

It brought up a simple question for me-do you know of any other wineries or wine clubs which feature this type of art or work?