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As a place to live, LA has some huge advantages and if you’re a social person the bars are certainly one of these.  You might think that in a City where everyone is obsessed with their looks that there would be more juice bars than places to drink beer but that’s not quite the case.  In fact there are some wonderful bars all across the city with a lively night club scene to augment your evening if you want to party a little longer.

Of course this is still LA so you’re not going to get a mass of ‘drinking joints’ or ‘speakeazies’ where talking cocktails and mojitos in the main.  Even the hotels have some of the classiest bars in the city which is quite unusual from what I’m told.

There is a problem with having so many wonderful places to drink, it’s rather simple to develop alcohol problems like many people do.  However science is a wonderful thing and many people I know have found a way to both enjoy LA bars and get their drinking under control.     Instead of having to go totally abstinent, there’s a wonderful technique called The Sinclair Method.

This is a method for people to help get their drinking under control and it’s based around the use of a drug called Selincro.  This small tablet has been approved over most of the developed world but it’s not common knowledge, in clinical trials it worked for around 80% of people.  You can read about Selincro on this blog, where someone I know tried using it – they have got their drinking under control using it.

However instead of listing lots of the most famous bars, I’ll end this post with one of my favorites at the moment.  It’s a hotel lobby bar (I Know, I know!) but it’s worth visiting believe me.   It’s called Rudolph’s and is located on the bottom floor of the new Freehand Hotel.  You can find this in downtown LA and it’s a fantastic place to start your evening or indeed meet up with friends.   It’s decorated in a sort of 70’s style but that stylish retro feel to the place.  It’s certainly attracting the ‘in crowd’ and you’re likely to see some famous faces here if you visit a few times which I’m sure you will!

Being self employed comes with a host of advantages, however there are certainly some drawbacks true including the lack of a guaranteed salary. However most people who do succeed in online business possess one vital trait – adaptability. This skill is vital as the online world changes almost daily and fixed business models are rarely effective for long.

adapt and survive

Perhaps the greatest concept known to humans, in temporal terms, is leverage. Correctly using leverage is what propels people toward the goals they might not be able to achieve by themselves. The amazing thing about this idea is just how many different uses there are for it. You can guess that we are getting to using leverage in business and marketing. It is good to figure out how to properly apply and use leverage for your business world.

If you are truly serious about creating a business on the web and want to do something different, then check this out and the rest in this article. With this idea you will be set up to be a site usability expert but you have to be willing to really do your research, keep learning and stay on top of things.   There are resources you can use, for example investing in a simple UK VPN will mean you can access loads of UK business sites from anywhere in the world.

Usability just means user friendly, and you know a site must be user friendly. So you can learn all you can and then build your site, and a content site is best for this. Work on your email list and then reach out to contact small and medium sized businesses who have signed up to hear from you. What you might want to do is send out a low cost product so that you can provide consulting services to other businesses at the same time.

You need to test a lot with your marketing and advertising if you want to build a strong foundation for your success online. But most IMers (and large businesses) skip this step because they don’t have a clue as to how to do it. For this, you are going to be a split testing expert which means you need to learn quite a lot about copywriting. The whole reason to do split testing is to increase your rate of conversion. So what you can do here is offer some conversion rate consulting services to businesses and teach them how to boost their conversions. You can also combine this with the site usability consulting business, as well.

Affiliate marketers, for the most part, ignore the power held by video which is a gigantic mistake. It’s possible that they are just too lazy to create videos and that’s why they lose out on so much marketing power. We’ve all seen review websites–they are quite effective when they are done well. What you are going to do is build a site that will have some textual content on it but the primary features will be in the video. What you will be doing is creating video reviews of the products and services that you are trying to sell. You can also make presell videos which are totally different from the reviews. If you aren’t yet familiar with both preselling as an idea or an action, it is time to start learning. But presell marketing isn’t really that hard to learn or really understand; it does take some work, however, to learn the best way to approach it.

Lead generation is the best thing for people who offer services on the Internet. It is not important whether your prospects are generated on or offline, you need to be working in both arenas. What is important is that you put that effort into building as many leads as you possibly can. If it has been well-oiled, you will have a steady influx of highly targeted leads.

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One of the major attractions for people working in the internet marketing or web design sector is to take control of their lives. Being able to plan your own work time is worth a lot compared to long commutes and rigid employment schedules. However you will never maintain this lifestyle or indeed make a success of any business if you don’t put in the hours to succeed.

To have a flourishing Internet marketing business, you will need to manage your time efficiently. Without proper time management, you may be wasting prospects that could blossom into something huge.

Never assume that you know all there is about time management. If you look around, you’ll find that the majority of the top Internet marketers know exactly how to make use of their time. Knowing the effective rules of time management will help you become a better Internet marketer. After time, you will also see how this gave you extra benefits that enhanced your labors. The article below talks about three effective time management skills focused to help Internet marketers improve their approach …

You have to designate a time for everything related to your online business. So then work them in each day because they have to be done, and then see how you are looking. Many aspiring Internet marketers tend to deceive themselves by saying they’ll balance their business tasks somehow. Once you begin to see the sides bulging, then you realize that you have to fix the time problem, or lack of time problem. Bear in mind that you need to attend to business when you sit down at the computer to do it.

Being organized will help you find the right thing at the right time which matters because internet marketing is a business where you have to take care of multiple things. The alternative to taking this seriously is to continue losing time better spent on business.  It can get complicated especially in an online, global marketplace.  Doing business across timezones can be challenging, for example a US designer may have lots of business in the UK.  Simply buying a UK proxy won’t cover all the bases as you’re still going to need to operate and communicate in a different time zone and that takes planning.

This does represent a cultural change in the way you work your business, and the change can lead to resistance. The smallest changes you make will be immediately seen, and that should lead you to do more. As you continue to use these things, then in time they will become second nature.

Do not forget that multi tasking is not necessarily a wise thing to do.

Once you appreciate this concept, you will be more apt to move on in a positive direction. Your focal point needs to be fixed on one particular thing before moving on to the next. This will be a more direct influence on your plan. By multi tasking, you may jeopardize the time schedule you are on. The way in which you manage your time will not be as efficient and the quality of your plan may be damaged. You will have to go through the same things that we all did, so just working through everything is normal. Jumping back and forth from one thing to the next all day long is very inefficient and causes mistakes to happen. When you commit to acquiring time management skills, then you are committing to your business growth. Perhaps the largest hurdle is deciding to do this and then learning about all that is possible.

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