Real Coppers

One thing I used to love when I was growing up was cop dramas. I don’t really like the glossy CSI stuff that makes a case more about playing with a computer than going out there and solving crimes. I’ll never forget the first time The Professionals came on TV. It was just after Christmas in 1977. I was 10 and was instantly hooked. It made The Sweeney look tame and I wanted to grow up to be in CI5, which I didn’t find out until my teenage years was a made up name.

Nowadays it’s become really easy for me to watch my old favourites again. Unlike those battered VHS tapes I left up in the attic, shows Kojak and Starsky & Hutch are all back on TV again. My kids reccomended that I get Sky in the house. I was a bit apprehensive about it, but they had a lovely bunch of lads at Campbell & Kennedy come round and sort everything out for me.

They set me up with a Sky+ box. It’s like having an old recorder again, only now there’s no tape at all. I can just go through the TV guide and pick shows that the box will record and watch later.

It’s not just the old stuff I’m watching all the time either. There’s a stations called Alibi that shows some cracking crime shows and one called Universal that shows newer American shows that I like now.

I will say I was a bit apprehensive about getting Sky, but with the help from Campbell & Kennedy I’m now a bit of a whizz that the remote. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.