Searching for a Graphics Designer – Start Here

The general belief about graphic design work is that most people can do the job without professional help. For some of us, this is true because we already have the skills to take care of these needs. For the rest of us, however, we need the help of a professional. This is definitely the case! The graphics that you use on your site are important just like the content that you add your blog. If people tell you this is not true, don’t believe them! Would you like to know how to find the best designer? As you continue to read, you will learn how to find one on your own.

One of the first things you need to check is the education of your graphic designer. Sometimes an education is not necessary as many people have natural abilities to do graphics and illustrations.



The graphic design candidate should be able to understand what to do and be disciplined enough to get the job done. Of course, you can probably assume each person has taken a class or two along the way. Those without classes or an education in this field should be thought about twice, check they’re familiar with technology like this. Some people believe that this industry is very easy, and will offer their services, you will have no skills in doing what you need them to do. If they have an education, it shows some level of dedication. Someone who is dedicated to the craft is someone that you want.

If you ever go to Freelance Job Boards, you will find many low-cost graphic designers willing to work for a lower rate. It is very tempting to hire a person from a job board like this.

Seriously. Where can you find another place to get your graphic design done in just a few hours for a few dollars? Temptation needs to be resisted! The quality of the work you will receive will reflect how cheap and fast this type of service is. Usually, people that allow themselves to be hired for so little money do not do work good enough for larger payouts. Use caution in these situations. It’s worth paying more and waiting longer to get something of real quality.

Another tip you can use is this – have a conversation with the people want to hire for graphic design jobs. Of course, resumes and references have their place. Sometimes a person will simply be a bad fit for you on the job, something a resume cannot alert you to.

By talking with the potential employee, you can discern whether or not you can work with them. If possible, talk to them on the phone. If that is not possible, use Instant Messaging to have a conversation. You need to make sure that you can communicate well with each other or you will be putting your project in danger.

This article has resented several ways to locate a graphic designer that can help you with your project using their skills. What is important is that you get good work done so that your projects and businesses stand a better chance of finding success. You’ll soon see that your business, and your websites, will have that professional appearance, as soon as you hire a graphics designer to help you. Now you know what to do. Go do it.

Additional References:

Art for Cash’s Sake

A thing of beauty or a cheap advertising gimmick?

Have to say I love it!  Sometimes it’s hard to actually appreciate a design when it’s deliberately commercial.  I mean obviously the intention is to sell more cans of Coke but does that make the design any more artistic.  Of course there are some who would say it did, but I’m not one of them.

You can take someone like Damien Hirst who transformed the way the art market works and has become one of the wealthiest artists of all time.  His works were certainly innovative but he also has a very shrewd business brain which is what many artists don’t possess.  Hirst is also not the first to have in fact employed factory style working practices to produce their art work in bulk.  Andy Warhol did something similar but not on the same scale and commercial success.  In fact Hirst has something like 140 employees producing his art.  It’s a long way from the image of struggling artist alone in his rundown apartment in Monmartre.

On that point there’s a new series coming up on the BBC which covers commercial and modern art and I’m sure Mr Hirst will get a mention or three.  You can catch it on the BBC Iplayer and if you’re outside the UK, this website – demonstrates how you can watch the BBC Iplayer anywhere.

It’s also being rebroadcast on French and Canadian TV, plus someone told me it’s on RTE Player too in Ireland, here’s how to access.