The Internet And Parenting

I am sometimes amazed that I can find the time to shower.  I spend all of my free time acting as a cleaning service and a shuttle service to my three kids. While I certainly would not trade my job for anything else in the world, I find that I am sometimes going without the things I need in order to take care of my kids’ needs.  This means that I may sometimes sacrifice my healthy dinner of salmon and mixed greens for a dinner of chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese because I know my kids will eat it.  It also means that I am sacrificing my gym membership to save the money (hey, we are a single income family now!), as well as to save time away from the kids.  

Unfortunately, it has meant that my waistline has sometimes paid the price in return.  Here is where the internet comes into parenting: just because I can’t necessarily make it to the gym, that doesn’t mean I have to skip my workouts altogether.  There are a ton of websites devoted to fitness and workouts.  One of my favorites is

This website is a comprehensive list of different workouts, tips, suggestions, and exercises to help busy people like myself get back into shape.  The best part of this website is that all of the workouts have actually been tried and tested by the site’s creators.  You know exactly what you are getting into when you decide to commit to a workout routine that you find on this site.  You can find everything you need from quick workouts at home to comprehensive boxing workouts.  It is a great all-inclusive website for helping busy parents like me stay fit through the beauty of the internet!