My Top 3 Picks To See In Los Angeles

I thought I would write a quick post on 3 of the best things you can do if you are visiting Los Angeles.   Now, there is tons to do in this great city but these are my particular favourites. You see oftentimes, many people come to my city but just don’t realise how big this place really is.  Many other cities across the world have a very clearly defined central area but this is not the case with this sprawling metropolis that I call home.  Anyway, I was thinking that if you really know your way around then it could be wise to have a few ideas of places to visit.  Here are my top 3;

La Brea Tar Pits

The La Brea Tar Pits are an unbelievable place to visit when you come to Los Angeles.  It is seen as one of the most important ice age fossil sites in the world and in it they have food over 3 million specimens of long lost animals that once roamed these lands such as Mammoths, Sabre Toothed Tigers and Giant Jaguars.  It is thought that somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000 years ago, natural tar and asphalt bubbled up to the earth’s surface and all these animals got caught in it and preserved as perfect fossils.  It really is worth a visit to be able to look back so far in history!

Griffith Park Observatory

This place is the bomb!  Well, it is for me because I love anything to do with Space.  Best of all, it is FREE too!  It is located on Mount Hollywood and has been renovated as recently as 2006.  It was the work of Griffith J. Griffith who left enough money to pay for the land and building when he died, way back in 1912.  It is a great place to take the kids on an educational visit as there is a fantastic planetarium there and they put on regular shows.

Olvera Street

Olvera Street is in downtown LA and a real treat!  It is a pedestrianised road and is teaming with life – wonderful colors and wonderful food everywhere, mainly Mexican.  It is one of the oldest parts of LA and has loads of historical buildings down there too.  Best times to visit are Cinco de Mayo or Día de los Muertos, massive feast days in the Latino calendar.