Making the Most of Google Local Search

When you have the good fortune to be acquainted with fellow online marketers, you have an advantage. The rationale behind this is the fact that you will become educated and will be taught from those who are skilled in this area. Or simply take the time and check out other sources for data regarding this issue. If this is your first time, you may find it to be a very satisfying endeavor. So here are just a few important thoughts and different approaches to using keywords, and see if you like them.

Once you have gotten listed in Google Places, you’ll want to be aggressive in marketing your site so that you can get as much exposure as possible (and links of course). You want to get as many citations and mentions as humanly possible. This is how Google sees “social proof.” of your popularity. You could try to think of this as a kind of direct backlink for SEO value because it really does affect your Google Places rankings.

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So what you really want is to be as active as possible and figure out how to get your site cited as much as it can. You can do this with directories and other methods such as having people review your site. Directories, though, are incredibly common which makes them the easier method to work with. If you are the sole producer of your content, you will need to show a little more ingenuity and attention to your phrases and where your keywords are placed. You should jazz your content up a little and try not to make it sound sterile or cold. So you can use your keywords in a flowing way that will keep them from being used in the same spots. Veteran writers frequently use a type of format that seems to work well for them; like weaving in the keywords where they will have the best impact on the reader. You may wish to be bold and think outside the box; just remember that the tried and true ways should definitely get some consideration.

There are still a lot of marketers who work with sites other than blogs, and internal linking improvements are good for them, too. Internal linking works well no matter what you have going on with your site, so read and heed the advice. Related content links in your main content, at the bottom of it or at the bottom of the overall page are great. Just be sure your anchor text is proper and that you do not load up too much outside the content area. This method is simple and adds to the power of your site and how user friendly it is.

The keywords you want to target, at the end of the day, are t he keywords that are most likely to result in the sell you’re trying to make. So one big hint to you is to find additional information on this and it is out there. Take a little time to learn as much as possible about picking the right keywords and see how quickly your results improve.

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John Smithson,  Breber Publishing, Netflix Block VPN, July 2015

Starting with SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, it’s not very exciting but it’s a subject you really can’t avoid if you want to be successful online.  Basically it means optimising your site in order to attract the most relevant traffic to your site. It’s also a difficult balancing act, if you optimize your site too much it could get penalized by the search engines particularly Google.  Too little and you’ll simply not receive any traffic from them.

There are some basic tasks that you can do that are essential and pretty safe.  For a start you should try and target keywords on both your site and individual pages and posts.    Say you had a site about dieting,  which also promoted dieting products – here you should choose your keywords carefully.  Using a keyword tool, there’s one free called keyword planner on the Google site – pick phrases that relate to the content on each page and try to target that phrase.

You should include the selected phrase in the Title and use the phrase a couple of times during the content.  Make sure you don’t overdo the use as this will count against you.  Putting links and relative images with related keywords will help boost your rankings for that keyword.  Don’t imagine you’ll be able to rank for a phrase like ‘lose weight’ easily as this is an incredibly competitive keyword to rank for.  Instead target slightly longer words which might bring you some quality traffic, the phrase ‘lose weight for holidays’ for example might bring you less traffic but still be profitable.

The other thing that has a significant effect on your rankings is the number of links pointing at each page.  This is where the difficulty takes place, without links from other sites pointing at your pages they will not rank at all.  Unfortunately Google says you can’t build or generate these links yourself – it’s a catch 22 situation, no-one will link to your site if they don’t see it, but without links none will ever visit.  In reality you have to make some effort to build links otherwise you’ll never get anywhere, but you have to be cautious.

Don’t build thousands of links from low quality websites, try and generate slow, relevant links on good authority sites.  Technically you’re not allowed to do anything, but writing for other sites, sponsoring posts or similar are possible as long as you do it carefully.  If you use proxy servers like this British one you can access sites in other countries whilst keeping your address private.

You can also use certain tools to build social networking links from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to help rank your sites.  Again don’t build these all from the same sort and be careful to change your IP address occasionally (see here)  so the links don’t get deleted.

Search Engine Optimization – The Social Aspect

SEO is of course important to the success of any web site. The simple fact is that unless you’re a huge mega brand like Amazon people will generally find you via the search engines. Nobody will know your web address by heart initially (apart from your mates and maybe your mother).

So how do the search engines send you visitors? Well it’s simple really they try and match whatever someone is searching for with a particular set of web sites. If they’ve typed in Egyptian holidays, the goal is to deliver a set of results based on that query. The logical next step is how does the search engine determine which pages to display. Well each one uses it’s own algorithm which looks at a combination of factors from the content to the page to how many links from other web sites point at the page.

No one knows exactly how the algorithm works, after all it’s a big secret and integral to Google’s business.  However there is a lot of knowledge of the factors that seem to effect the rankings.  Content of your site is obviously a very important one, no search engine is going to send users to a site which is about a completely different subject than the query.

How you set out your content to attract the search engines has changed a lot over the years though.  In the past, it was important to mention your topic or keyword as much as you could on your page, now that sort of behaviour is likely to get your page ignored or worse penalised.  The trick now is to write for your readers, make it natural and good quality.  In some senses this makes writing content a lot easier, you can basically ignore the role of SEO in this area.

It used to be that you created a website with Seo Marketing concepts in mind- like here, and to some extent you can still design pages targeted at specific search queries. It’s just an old age marketing concept of identifying a market then trying to deliver a product to meet that demand.  However you should be extremely careful in over optimising your pages and any SEO techniques you employ.

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Can You Call Photography -Art?

It’s a question that has often divided Art experts, can you consider a photograph to be a work of art.  It was at one of the very first meetings of the Photographic Society of London that one of the members stated that the works were too literal to be considered works of art.  Can a photograph elevate the imagination like a fine picture or sculpture is able to.

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Her’s an example of a photograph that is considered a work of art.  This piece by the photographer Andreas Gursky actually fetched over two million pounds.  Is it just recording a scene, how much imput does the photographer have to the artistic process and composition of the image.

It’s perhaps too easy to look at that image and just think they’ve pressed a button.  However obviously the image is composed and designed in the mind of the person who is at the other side of the lens.

Photographs like these are clearly more than a simple representation of a scene.  The main issue is probably simply because it can be recreated so easily.  If I was at the same place as where Andreas took this photo then I’m pretty sure I could come up with something comparable.  But  that’s really the rub, sure I could copy his photo – does that make mine worth £2 million – I suspect not.

There is art everywhere and perhaps the camera is just another medium for capturing it.  The picture is composed long before the shutter is released,.  If you visit the National Gallery exhibitions in London for example you’d see some stunning photos from over 200 years of photography, they have as much artistic merit as much else in the gallery.

If you search online you’ll also see how photographs play an important part in web design on some of the most stunning web sites.  There is nothing better to promote traffic growth and creating a buzz about your website than some photographs.  Learn how to adapt the images to help your website from this interesting post –