Make Your Website Launch Go With a Bang

You can get so much recognition for yourself when you successfully launch your own website. It is definitely going to take time to build your reputation but you’ll still get noticed if the launch of your website is successful. There are a lot of really great sites that have failed to make a good impression simply because they didn’t have a proper launch. Taking the right steps and careful carving your way towards a successful launch is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you look at it in its core, it isn’t all that hard to do.


It takes a lot of planning and effort but in the end it is all going to be worth it. The article below explains three tips to help you launch your site successfully…

If you’re doing a fantastic launch, get ready to have lots of advance traffic. You want to make sure that you are equipped with the very best possible internet server resources you can get. The last thing that you’d want is your website crashing down on the launch day. Sites like Digg and Reddit can send you massive loads of traffic if you hit the front page. There are all sorts of reasons that your site might be the recipient of a heavy inflow of traffic. This is why you need to make sure that your server can handle things like that.

If it can handle a bunch of unexpected traffic you’ll feel a lot calmer and ready for whatever happens.  Try and allow for all eventualities and check access from all locations, if your hoping for lots of traffic from the USA then make sure you look at metrics from accessing via the US.  To test access from a remote location you’ll need to get a VPN or proxy.  Even if you only subscribe for a month then checking responsiveness from the best VPN USA you can afford makes a lot of sense.

Nowadays social media is more popular than ever. People are connecting through social networks and are getting more involved with them. You need to make sure that you have all of your social media accounts registered early on. It is much more professional to make sure that your social media account name is reserved in the name of your site. Don’t try to do it after you launch because you might lose the chance to get the account name that you really want. So make sure that you sign up for your social media accounts at the same time that you sign up for your website’s domain name. Even though it might not seem like the most important step to take right now, as you move on you will find the success that you crave.

It won’t take long for you to figure out how important a step this is.

Do not forget to have all in place so your visitors can reach out to you if they have questions or comments, etc. They may have a suggestion to make or might have a question to ask. Anytime someone sends you a message or question, be sure you reply in a timely fashion. Any contact you make is important because you can begin building good relationships. Also, be sure you test your form or email address just to make sure all is well. There you go! Having a successful website launch doesn’t need to be that hard. As long as you have finished with your homework and have cleared a big path in front of you, you can’t possibly do anything wrong. It’s true that there might be a few bumps along the way but that is normal. The only thing that you need to focus on is getting one element to work and support another during the launch. Always remember that the launch of your site is its most crucial stage. The launch will make you successful or a failure, that is how important the launch is.

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Facebook Block List gets Smaller

I read an interesting article a couple of weeks ago, about how Myanmar has recently unblocked access to the popular social networking site – Facebook.  Mynamar (or Burma) was one of the very few countries in the world which was blocking access to this site.  Now the reason it was quite interesting and just a little bit funny was the article was written by the Chinese Ministry of information and technology.  At the end of the article they mentioned that the social networking site was now only inaccessible in four countries – Iran,  North Korea, Cuba and “another country”.

That other country is of course China itself, and you can sense the shame that the Chinese Government feel to be part of that list.  A country that wants to trade with the rest of the world, that wants to be part of the open and free economy of the world – because of it’s oppressive internet filtering is included in a list of the most oppressive countries in the world.   Which of course is why they refer to themselves as ‘another country’ when appearing on these lists.

Burma has of course changed drastically in the last year or so, with many political prisoners being released and the barriers of the previous oppressive regimes gradually being torn down.  China is looking increasingly isolated with it’s huge Great Firewall and internet monitoring facilities across the country.  Facebook is not the only site blocked of course, there are thousands of others which encourage free speech.  The Chinese population are of course well used to this and spend much of their time circumventing these filters.

This video for example, shows how you can use a popular security software to bypass these blocks by routing through a proxy.

The technology war is growing however for this sort of censorship, most countries don’t get anywhere near restricting access – China is probably one of the exceptions purely based on the resources it pours into their efforts.  Yet still there are many thousands of proxies, VPNs and other methods available to bypass any sort of firewall.  Many experts believe that the only way you can completely control access is by pretty much blocking everything like North Korea does, which has effectively just shut off the internet to all but a few high ranking citizens.

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I’ve mentioned this before, but thought it was worth another post.  I’ve just been on a mini trip around Europe, not quite a Grand tour like the Victorian gentry from the UK, but not bad for a guy from LA who’s been saving up.  I managed to visit three countries, well actually a couple more if you count transit lounges, the UK, France and Italy.  I had intended to visit Germany but I just got kind of distracted and also didn’t want to end up like the American Lampoon movie where they don’t know which country they’re in half the time.

It was wonderful and I can recommend a similar itinary if your time and funds are limited – for an art lover it was wonderful.  I started in the UK flying into London for a few days, mainly to get a look at the art galleries.  I visited the Tate, the British Museum and the National Gallery which is right on Trafalgar Square.  The buildings were incredible never mind the art collections inside, I literally spent a day in each even eating lunch in their respective cafes. There are so many other galleries in London, it’s firmly on the top of my to do list.  I didn’t manage any of the traditional sites simply because I ran out of time.

I then caught the Eurostar into Paris which is is a high speed train/ferry which travels under the channel.  Here I was a little more touristy as I simply had to go up the Eiffel tower, although it was incredibly crowded and to be honest could have lived without it.  Then back on the art trail with the Louvre and the sister gallery, the Jeu De Pomme.  Then it was off to Rome after two days by a direct flight which toook little less than a couple of hours.

It was in a room in Rome that I suddenly had a bit of a panic, somehow I had managed to lose my wallet with the remains of my foreign currency.  Fortunately it wasn’t much and I didn’t lose any bank cards so the loss was minimal.  I did however need to do some financial juggling to get funds back in my hands.  The problem was that my main bank account with a debit card, had very little money in it and I needed to transfer some cash into it.  I had predicted this emergency situation by signing up for an internet account meaning I could switch money around on my travels if needed.

However this pre-planning was in vain, I simply couldn’t connect to my online bank account whatever I tried.  I finally discovered that the reason I couldn’t connect was that my online banking had a security block placed on it which meant you couldn’t access the site using a foreign IP address.  The idea was that no hacker or bad guy sitting in a Russian cyber cafe could swipe my cash online I guess.  The problem was that I couldn’t access the site either, anyway after some long and costly phone calls to my bank I finally came up with a plan.  I got it from this website which explained how to get an American IP address by using VPN and proxy servers –

In literally five minutes I had subscribed and connected to my bank using a US IP and I could happily move money around using all my accounts.  Anyway if anyone finds themselves in such difficulty it’s worth checking out, another advantage is I could access my US Netflix account too!  It’s the sort of technology that stops me accessing BBC Iplayer in USA and lots of stuff on Youtube I presume.  The only worrying aspect was if I could figure out how to bypass the banks security blocks, I was pretty sure a Russian hacker could too!