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There are many tools you’ll find on the Internet that help you create your own site, but very few tools actually help you to create a successful one. The simple act of keeping a website running does not ensure that you will get money. A lot of people tend to forget a lot of important things, like the website’s basic setup and configuration. Getting a smart tool for building websites is important if you want to avoid the kinds of mistakes that will cost you money in the long run. The best online tool available to help you accomplish this is Site Build It. The name is an accurate description of the tool. This tool is one of a very select few which actually adds marketing in the site you are making. In this article we will be looking how Site Build It is different and why it should be your choice for website creation.


Most basic site building programs focus on the look and layout of the site, making it visually pleasing and easy to navigate for your visitors. While that is all important, what’s more necessary is to determine what your site will be about and how you’ll target your audience. Site Build It comes with its own Brainstorming tool that turns your research into fun – look how this page was created. Usually researching your target audience in order to build your website is a long, and tedious process but with this feature of Site Build It! you can use keywords to find your niche market. You’ll be able to find features in other site building tools that will help you with certain aspects of your site, but they don’t have the advanced marketing help that you can find with Site Build It! software. Apart from this, with Site Build It, you don’t have to be a programmer, or someone who is equipped with HTML knowledge. All you need to do is follow a few careful steps and your site is ready in no time. But of course, if you do have some HTML knowledge you are not going to be only working with templates, you can insert your own code as well.

Site Build It was created keeping in mind the novice users, so there are tons of ways to understand and use the service if you get stuck anywhere. If you happen to need a thorough and clear-cut guide through the entire program, there are all-inclusive lessons on video that will do just that. You’ll also have access to the member forum where you can discuss any problems you have with other members, or be able to post your question and receive an answer quickly. Search engine rankings are very important when trying to get traffic to your site; with this in mind, Site Build It will help you to achieve high search engine rankings.

Overall, Site Build It is the one tool that will really help you avoid making real mistakes. Never before was it this easy to make money from the Internet. From niche selection to owning the top rank on Google, Site Build It can push you business over the top and help you cash in on what you can do with the web.

Example Site – http://www.bestelectriclawnmower.co.uk

Starting with SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, it’s not very exciting but it’s a subject you really can’t avoid if you want to be successful online.  Basically it means optimising your site in order to attract the most relevant traffic to your site. It’s also a difficult balancing act, if you optimize your site too much it could get penalized by the search engines particularly Google.  Too little and you’ll simply not receive any traffic from them.

There are some basic tasks that you can do that are essential and pretty safe.  For a start you should try and target keywords on both your site and individual pages and posts.    Say you had a site about dieting,  which also promoted dieting products – here you should choose your keywords carefully.  Using a keyword tool, there’s one free called keyword planner on the Google site – pick phrases that relate to the content on each page and try to target that phrase.

You should include the selected phrase in the Title and use the phrase a couple of times during the content.  Make sure you don’t overdo the use as this will count against you.  Putting links and relative images with related keywords will help boost your rankings for that keyword.  Don’t imagine you’ll be able to rank for a phrase like ‘lose weight’ easily as this is an incredibly competitive keyword to rank for.  Instead target slightly longer words which might bring you some quality traffic, the phrase ‘lose weight for holidays’ for example might bring you less traffic but still be profitable.

The other thing that has a significant effect on your rankings is the number of links pointing at each page.  This is where the difficulty takes place, without links from other sites pointing at your pages they will not rank at all.  Unfortunately Google says you can’t build or generate these links yourself – it’s a catch 22 situation, no-one will link to your site if they don’t see it, but without links none will ever visit.  In reality you have to make some effort to build links otherwise you’ll never get anywhere, but you have to be cautious.

Don’t build thousands of links from low quality websites, try and generate slow, relevant links on good authority sites.  Technically you’re not allowed to do anything, but writing for other sites, sponsoring posts or similar are possible as long as you do it carefully.  If you use proxy servers like this British one you can access sites in other countries whilst keeping your address private.

You can also use certain tools to build social networking links from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to help rank your sites.  Again don’t build these all from the same sort and be careful to change your IP address occasionally (see here)  so the links don’t get deleted.

Search Engine Optimization – The Social Aspect

SEO is of course important to the success of any web site. The simple fact is that unless you’re a huge mega brand like Amazon people will generally find you via the search engines. Nobody will know your web address by heart initially (apart from your mates and maybe your mother).

So how do the search engines send you visitors? Well it’s simple really they try and match whatever someone is searching for with a particular set of web sites. If they’ve typed in Egyptian holidays, the goal is to deliver a set of results based on that query. The logical next step is how does the search engine determine which pages to display. Well each one uses it’s own algorithm which looks at a combination of factors from the content to the page to how many links from other web sites point at the page.

No one knows exactly how the algorithm works, after all it’s a big secret and integral to Google’s business.  However there is a lot of knowledge of the factors that seem to effect the rankings.  Content of your site is obviously a very important one, no search engine is going to send users to a site which is about a completely different subject than the query.

How you set out your content to attract the search engines has changed a lot over the years though.  In the past, it was important to mention your topic or keyword as much as you could on your page, now that sort of behaviour is likely to get your page ignored or worse penalised.  The trick now is to write for your readers, make it natural and good quality.  In some senses this makes writing content a lot easier, you can basically ignore the role of SEO in this area.

It used to be that you created a website with Seo Marketing concepts in mind- like here, and to some extent you can still design pages targeted at specific search queries. It’s just an old age marketing concept of identifying a market then trying to deliver a product to meet that demand.  However you should be extremely careful in over optimising your pages and any SEO techniques you employ.

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