Beautiful Wine Bottles

Woodward Canyon Artist Series CabernetSo I recently joined one of the seemingly millions of online wine clubs and have been pretty surprised at the high quality of some of the art work coming on the wine I’ve been sent. One great example is the Woodward Canyon winery in the state of Washington, where they make a high end Cabernet and call it their Artist Series.  As you might expect, they select a local artist every year to be featured on the wine bottle.  I know I’ll check out this wine in the future, both because it was a darn good Cabernet, but also because it’s cool to see a winery really giving an artist a chance to gain a loyal following.

It brought up a simple question for me-do you know of any other wineries or wine clubs which feature this type of art or work?

Using Video to Sell Gift Baskets

I think a lot of us have started to see a change in the way things are sold online.  To start, there are more personal brands being built rather than companies.  The question becomes, do you want to be the next Apple, or the next IBM?  Do you see the difference, Steve Jobs was the face of Apple and has continued to be the face of the company even after his untimely death, while IBM has faced a series of years with falling share prices and no real draw.

For those selling products via ecommerce, web design, graphics and the use of video is becoming even more important.  For example, a company selling wine gift baskets could theoretically show scenes from each of their suppliers while talking about why each of those suppliers was chosen.  It’s an exciting way to show off your products and really sell what you do well!

Winery Web Design

Selling web design services is one of the most difficult aspects to the industry isn’t it?  After all, how can you really differentiate yourself from all the other operators out there based only on past work?  At the end of the day, anyone wanting to do website design or even simply web graphics has to have a solid understanding of marketing and how to sell yourself and your business.

I couldn’t help but think of the online wine club that I’m a part of when I was writing this simply because they face many of the same challenges.  I guess that’s one of the really positive aspects to the web design business, you should be able to take parts of each business that you work with and blend them into your own project.  That’s both liberating as well as being really good for the long term health of your small web design business.

Web Design for Wine

Wine is one of the more difficult things to sell online for a number of reasons.  First, there are major, serious reporting issues.

Secondly, to deal with those reporting issues you almost have to use a 3rd party company to help keep track of every applicable law on the books.  For a wine a month club there are monthly sales tax reports as well, for up to 30 states!

Does that sound like a business you’d like to be involved in?  For a web designer, it’s important to know some of these type of issues before taking on a project!